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Get Ready For Westfield Kindergarten!

Many parents wonder “Is my child ready for kindergarten?” School readiness is very important for a successful beginning to a lifetime of learning. Here is a checklist for parents to help determine your child’s overall readiness for kindergarten. Download a copy - Kindergarten Guide

*5 years of age on or before September 1st

Language Skills
Can be easily understood by others
Follows two step directions
Can say full name
Orally identifies letters in name
Identifies likenesses and differences in pictures
Identifies simple shapes
Identifies basic colors
Listens with interest to a story
Answers simple questions A fire is hot: ice is___. A plane is fast; A turtle is__.
Can tell the meaning of simple words like dress, boots, airplane, banana, sweater.
Begin to identify rhyming words
Asks questions about things around him/her
Can tell a story about a past event
Pretends to read books
Aware of environmental print

Fine Motor Skills
Uses crayons, pencils and scissors appropriately
Attempts to write words
Can write own name using capital letter at beginning and lower case letters for the rest.
Can imitate a circle
Prints numbers 1-10
Uses glue and paste appropriately
Can stack at least 10 blocks
Folds paper in half
Able to fasten buttons
Put on own coat, gloves, shoes, hat

Cognitive Skills
Counts objects to 10 or more
Sorts objects by size, color, shape
Can retell a story
Can work for a short time independently
Put a 14 or more piece puzzle together
Understands directions with positional concepts such as; in, out, off, on, top, bottom
Knows difference between a letter and a number
Uses time concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow
Completes a pattern of two colors
Draws person with 6 parts or more; head, nose, eyes, mouth, arms, legs, body
Can name many letters of the alphabet and some numbers
Names parts of the body

Gross Motor
Can play a simple group game
Walk up and down stairs using alternating feet
Catches ball
Bounces ball
Can hop six feet
Enjoys different sports
Can ride tricycle

Social/ Emotional
Enjoys being part of a group
Plays and interacts with other children
Separates readily from mother
Accepts some responsibility
Enjoys dramatic play
Controls emotions
Uses words to solve problems when angry or frustrated
Can share and take turns
Do things for himself/herself (put toys away, take care of bathroom needs, hang up coat)

This checklist is designed to help you prepare your child for school. Readiness is a combination of experience, individual growth and age. Not all children are ready at the same time. Encourage your child to master as many skills as they can before the start of school. YOU are your child’s first and most important teacher.

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