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Student Council



    Student Council is looking for energetic, responsible, focused middle school students to represent their teams here at Westfield this school year. If you like to be involved at school and plan dances, fundraisers, the school variety show, and other exciting activities for the school, you should consider running for the position of Student Council Representative for your team.
    Information packets and forms are available outside the Middle School office and outside of Room 138. Please read the information in the packets carefully to learn about the petition and election process. Completed, signed forms should be turned in to your team leader by the end of this week on Friday, October 9, 2009. Be prepared to present a speech to your team on why you should be elected as their Student Council Representative. Student Council is looking forward to another great year! Good Luck to all of you!

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be “Westfield Community School Student Council.”

Article II: Purpose

The Purpose of this organization shall be to:
  • (Section 1) Act as a voice of the students.
  • (Section 2) Act as a service organization to improve the school and community.
  • (Section 3) Promote good character and leadership.

Article III: Organization of the Council

  • (Section 1) Each middle school team shall elect three representatives and one alternate to the council.
  • (Section 2) The Executive Board shall consist, in rank, of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • (Section 3) All student council members shall abide by the constitution.

Article IV: Elections

  • (Section 1) Candidates must complete a petition form. Petition forms must contain 30 student signatures from the candidate’s team, two teacher signatures, and one signature from a parent or guardian.
  • (Section 2) Each middle school team shall hold representative elections.
  • (Section 3) Representatives shall elect members to the Executive Board.
  • (Section 4) The position of President is only open to eighth graders. The position of Vice President is only open to seventh graders. The position of Secretary is only open to sixth graders. The position of Treasurer is open to all grades.

Article V: Representative Guidelines

  • (Section 1) Representatives must have regular attendance to meetings and activities.
  • (Section 2) Three unexcused absences can result in dismissal from the council. A representative’s status shall be reviewed by the Executive Board and Advisor.
  • (Section 3) Representatives must maintain a 70% or better in all classes on report cards.
  • (Section 4) Representatives must have no suspensions.
  • (Section 5) Representatives who do not meet these guidelines shall be removed from office and shall be replaced by an alternate representative from their team.

Article VI: Executive Board

  • (Section 1) It shall be the responsibility of the President to: preside over meetings and represent the council to faculty and administration. Each Executive Board member shall assume duties delegated to him or her by the president.
  • (Section 2) It shall be the responsibility of the Vice President to: keep an accurate record of attendance and preside over meetings in the President’s absence.
  • (Section 3) It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to: take accurate minutes at meetings and prepare meeting agendas.
  • (Section 4) It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to: report on council funds at meetings.

Article VII: Advisor

  1. (Section 1) The Advisor shall have the power to veto any student council decision that is in conflict with school policy.
  2. (Section 2) The Advisor shall have the power only to advise. They shall not have a vote.

Article VIII: Meetings

  • (Section 1) General meetings shall be held twice each month.
  • (Section 2) Other meetings shall be called as necessary by the Executive Board and Advisor.

Article IX: Amendments to the Constitution

  • (Section 1) The constitution shall be amended at any time during a regularly scheduled student council meeting by a majority vote after a complete discussion of the amendment has taken place.
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